CONQUEST Tactical Asset Allocation

Separately Managed Account

CONQUEST is a suite of professionally managed asset allocation portfolios that seek solid returns above the rate of inflation. Continuously managed by the Washington Crossing Advisors team for over a decade, CONQUEST Tactical Asset Allocation portfolios offer a seasoned, tactical alternative to other asset allocation strategies.

Adaptive Risk Management

This portfolio combines a diversified core with a short-term focused satellite allocation (graph, below). This structure allows the portfolio to adapt to changing market and economic conditions without excessive trading. Portfolios are available with different target asset mixes around which equity exposure can vary (+/- 10%). Tactical over-and-underweights are also implemented at the sub-asset class level (ie. value vs. growth, etc.) based on longer-run risk and return expectations for each sub-asset class. 

Portfolio Construction

Tactical Core (Long-Run Focus): A diversified mix of assets focused on long-run expected risk and reward. Evolving risk and return expectations will determine the weightings of assets relative to the benchmark’s risk exposures.

Tactical Satellite (Short-Run Focus): A monthly evaluation of fundamental conditions determines the mix of stocks and bonds here. When the 3-6 month forecast of incoming data shows improving conditions, the satellite will be more heavily concentrated in stocks over bonds. A deteriorating forecast shifts the mix toward bonds and away from stocks.