Equity Investing

We seek to buy growing, profitable, and well-capitalized businesses at reasonable prices. The habit of relating quality to value is central to the WCA equity investing process.

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Asset Allocation

A comprehensive suite of asset allocation portfolios focused on matching investment objectives with risk tolerance.  Both passive and active strategies are offered.

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Fixed Income

This portfolio seeks to generate a stream of income from a portfolio of 30 investment-grade corporate bonds. The portfolio is constructed as a “ladder” with maturities spanning 10 years.

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Recent Commentary

The Coronavirus Factor

The outbreak, centered within China’s industrial heartland, is upending life and closing business across many parts of China. According to a report from CNBC, 20 Chinese provinces covering 80% of Chinese GDP, and 90% of exports are under some form of lockdown. Further complicating the situation is the timing of the Chinese New Year festival from January 25 through February 8. Because many businesses usually close during the festival, several years ago, China’s National Bureau of Statistics decided to combine January and February data reports into a single month and release the information in mid-March. In other words, much of…

Viewpoint 2020

Worries over rising rates and trade faded in 2019, prompting sizable gains in both bonds and stocks. Global growth seems to be firming and the United States is exhibiting stronger growth than most other developed nations as we start 2020. Low interest rates, rising wages, and record wealth is driving growth, but above average valuations reduce return expectations. This report covers Washington Crossing Advisors’ long-run views as we head into 2020. These top-down views are central to our tactical asset allocation decisions and recommendations.

WCA Rising Dividend Commentary – Third Quarter, 2019

We discuss recent developments in the WCA Rising Dividend Equity portfolio.