Equity Investing

We seek to buy growing, profitable, and well-capitalized businesses at reasonable prices. The habit of relating quality to value is central to the WCA equity investing process.

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Asset Allocation

A comprehensive suite of asset allocation portfolios focused on matching investment objectives with risk tolerance. Both passive and active strategies are offered.

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Fixed Income

This portfolio seeks to generate a stream of income from a portfolio of 30 investment-grade corporate bonds. The portfolio is constructed as a “ladder” with maturities spanning 10 years.

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Recent Commentary

The Case for Laddering Bonds

After an extended period of historically low interest rates, income-focused bond investors have finally found relief as interest rates have risen to levels not seen since late 2007 (see Chart A below). Chart A Time to declare victory, right? If only it were that simple. There are external forces that influence the bond market, none more so than the Federal Reserve (Fed). Who knows what the Fed will do and when? Could they start cutting interest rates this year after two years spent increasing them? Chart B below shows the twenty-year history of the Fed Funds Target Rate. Chart B…

Kevin Caron on CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange

On CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange, Kevin Caron discusses today’s robust economy and stock market and how picking quality stocks may benefit a portfolio in an uncertain year ahead.

Breaking Down the Economic Scene: How Deficits Impact Your Portfolio

Imagine this: The U.S. economy had a stellar year last year, outperforming Europe with a robust 2.5% growth rate. This is a far better performance than almost anyone imagined. It was better than most economists, pundits, and forecasters thought possible a year ago. Yet, not only did the economy grow far better than expected, but investors got hooked on risk again. Novel AI technologies captured investor imaginations, leading the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index to trade at a near-record 60% premium to the S&P 500 based on enterprise-value to cash flow multiples (Nasdaq now trades at 24.3x versus S&P 500 at…