Equity Investing

We seek to buy growing, profitable, and well-capitalized businesses at reasonable prices. The habit of relating quality to value is central to the WCA equity investing process.

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Asset Allocation

A comprehensive suite of asset allocation portfolios focused on matching investment objectives with risk tolerance.  Both passive and active strategies are offered.

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Fixed Income

This portfolio seeks to generate a stream of income from a portfolio of 30 investment-grade corporate bonds. The portfolio is constructed as a “ladder” with maturities spanning 10 years.

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Recent Commentary

2017 Third Quarter Asset Allocation Report

We enter the second half of 2017 with data coming in well, asset prices near records, and market sentiment good. Our analysis of current fundamental conditions points to continued growth, but the “reflation” and “Trump” trades may be losing some momentum. Portfolios are tactically tilted toward U.S. equities, with an emphasis on growth. Fixed income continues to focus on corporate bonds over Treasuries given our outlook. Full Text Here

The Case for Rising Dividends

We believe companies with a history of increasing dividends provide a good starting place in a search for fundamentally strong and growing companies. Importantly, steady dividend growth often follows consistent profitability and shareholder-focused management. A dividend growth perspective looks beyond today’s yield and considers other factors, such as quality, growth, risk, and value. A track record of dividend increases can be viewed as a tangible signal by a company’s management that they are both willing and able to boost a payment to shareholders. This commitment suggests quality fundamentals currently and an expectation of continued improvement into the future. Full Text

2017 Viewpoint

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY There are signs that growth is improving as we start the new year. The pickup began last spring, continued through the fall, and accelerated into year’s end. The surprise outcome of the election raised expectations for new tax, spending, and regulatory proposals, which could impact growth and business sentiment. The bond market is also taking notice of a changing landscape as interest rates price in some additional inflation. We start the year with a tactical tilt toward domestic equities and away from longer-term bonds. A portfolio strategy that combines a long-run point of view with some short-term flexibility…