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Half Full

Reopening the economy has stirred some optimism amid a wash of depressing forecasts. The Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and St. Louis have a model that estimates the U.S. economy may contract at a 42-48% annualized rate in Q2. For a more optimistic read, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York “Nowcast” estimates a 31% pace of decline in Q2. Thirty-six million lost jobs and record drops in both industrial output (-11% April) and retail sales (-16% April) are driving the slump. The second quarter is going to be a bad one, but recently markets seem to be looking beyond…

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Viewpoint 2019

Against a backdrop of worry over trade and rising interest rates, the United States economy continues to perform well. While equity markets generally declined in 2018, investors in the United States generally fared better than overseas. Moreover, most companies saw revenue, profits, and dividends grow in 2018, and we expect more to come in 2019. This annual Viewpoint, along with quarterly updates, provides an organized way of looking at the economy, financial markets, and your portfolio. The full report is available by clicking the link below.

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